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MEM-Eagle medium

Minimum Essential Medium Eagle (MEM-Eagle) is a modification of Basal Medium Eagle. It is used as a nutrient medium for the growth of continuous cell lines. Harry Eagle developed it to meet the specific nutritional requirements of certain subtypes of HeLa cells and normal mammalian fibroblasts. Previous attempts to cultivate these cells showed specific nutritional demands that Basal Medium Eagle could not meet. This medium includes a higher concentration of amino acids to approximate the protein composition of cultured mammalian cells and to support the growth of a wider range of selective cells. MEM-Eagle also contains other essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that support cell growth.

MEM-Eagle is an important tool in many areas of scientific research, including tissue bioengineering, drug development and control, cell biology studies, and laboratory diagnostics. It is widely used in cell culture because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to use, and it has been shown to support the growth of various types of cells cultured in monolayers.

The MEM-Eagle medium produced by the Torlak Institute is a 10X concentrate and is part of the MEM-Eagle kit, which includes Sterile Water for MEM-Eagle, 3% L-glutamine, and 7.5% sodium bicarbonate. Enzymatic tissue degradation solutions and cell suspension solutions (0.25% Trypsin solution, 0.25% (or 0.1%) Versene solution) are also available with this kit. There is an option to customize the medium at the Institute.

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