Professional bodies of the Institute

In managing the professional work of the Institute “Torlak”, advisory function and assistance to the director
provided by the following expert bodies of the Institute:

  1. Professional Council as an advisory body to the director and the Board of Directors of the Institute
  2. The Ethics Committee is a professional body that monitors the provision and implementation of health care based on the principles of professional ethics
  3. Commission for the improvement of the quality of work, a professional body that takes care of the improvement of the quality of the Institute’s health activities
  4. Scientific Council, an expert body that proposes a program of scientific research work and is formed in accordance with the law governing the field of scientific research activity.

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Institute "Torlak" is a long-standing producer of vaccines, serums, lactopreparations, allergens, microbiological media and immunodiagnostic preparations, recognizable on the world market for the quality, safety and efficiency of its products.

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