Minister Danica Grujičić visits the works at the BSL-3 laboratory at “Torlak” Institute

Minister of Health Danica Grujičić visited the works on the construction of a new diagnostic and research facility with a laboratory of the third level of biological safety within the Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Sera “Torlak”, and pointed out that she is satisfied with the speed with which the works are progressing, and that the deadline for completion of the works is the beginning of 2025.
The minister also emphasised that the renovation of the facility for the production of the BCG vaccine, as well as the entire “Torlak” Institute, is planned.

Today’s tour of the works was attended by General Radivoje Anđelković, head of the Health Department of the Serbian Armed Forces, as well as State Secretary Aleksandar Milošević and the coordinator of the Project Unit of the Ministry of Health, Biljana Kozlović.

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