SAIGE Project International Advisory Board (IAB) visits Torlak Institute

We’re pleased to share a recent milestone – the visit of members from the International Advisory Board (IAB) to the Torlak Institute. This visit marks a significant step forward in fostering collaboration, sharing expertise, and strengthening our commitment to advancements in the transformation process within the SAIGE project. During their visit, IAB members engaged with our team, toured our facilities, and engaged in discussions with the heads and the staff members of the Research & Science, Diagnostics, and Production divisions and with Quality Control and Quality Assurance divisions.

Looking forward, we’re enthusiastic about the potential collaborations and positive impacts this visit will bring to the transformation process of the Institute.

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Institute "Torlak" is a long-standing producer of vaccines, serums, lactopreparations, allergens, microbiological media and immunodiagnostic preparations, recognizable on the world market for the quality, safety and efficiency of its products.

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