Institute “Torlak” signs contract for the continuation of the transfer of mRNA technology

The Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Sera “Torlak” , together with a dozen international companies, participates in the mRNA technology transfer project. The Director of the Institute Dr. Luka Dragačević points out that mRNA technology is expected to change the course of the future of medicine.

Dr Dragacevic says that the Institute has begun a gradual process of reconstruction and modernization and states that “Torlak” Institute is one of the two institutes that fulfilled the initial plans of the mRNA technology transfer project within the stipulated time interval, which resulted in the signing of a contract with the World Health Organization in the value of 1.5 million euros for the further implementation of the mentioned project. Dr. Dragačević indicates that out of the 15 participants in the mRNA technology transfer project, “Torlak” is the only state institute in Europe, while the others are private companies.

“Last year, “Torlak” started first trainings as part of that project. Our staff went for trainings in Cape Town, USA, in South Korea, where there is one of the best institutes in the world, a hub for training all people who are involved in the production of vaccines,” emphasizes Dragačević.

As he states, by participating in that project, the Institute will receive all the necessary equipment for the most modern research, as is done in “Pfizer” and “Moderna”. As he stated, part of the equipment has arrived at the Institute, and the rest should arrive in the coming months.

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